CyberClub Poker App image designed by Lawrence Keogh

Poker app ‘Cyberclub Poker’to launch soon

Our first casino app, a poker app called CyberClub Poker will be hitting the app stores soon, here’s a quick and dirty splash screen to whet your appetite. The poker app will feature virtual payouts with low-cost stakes. The type of poker in this app is a variant of five-card stud poker. It’s a quick-fire […]

ShoutzApp app connects people anonymously by location

App connects people anonymously by location

Toronto-based developer Shehryar Qureshy and his co-founders at ShoutzApp have created a social app called ShoutzApp, reports This app connects people anonymously by location. The app features short-lived messages that expire, in much the same way as SnapChat. Unlike most other social media apps, ShoutzApp does not need to follow or add anyone to […]

Apps Teens Love

Venture Beat conducted a survey of 7000 teens to find out what apps teens love. By that they mean what apps teens actually use most often. We were surprised to see Instagram a fair way behind Facebook. I don’t know any teen who still uses Facebook on a regular basis. Contrast this to just 2 […]

poggun seumaeswi e daehan choejong sayongja sayong-gwon gyeyag

poggun seumaeswi jeojaggwon 2,014 poto bello dijiteol jehan. modeun gwonli boyu. i sopeuteuweeo ui jeonche ttoneun ilbu , ttoneun gita e uihae jeonjajeog sudan ttoneun gigye pandog hyeongsig-eulo gamso , geomsaeg siseutem-e jeojang , ( cheon-yeon ttoneun keompyuteoe daleun eon-eolo ) bogsa, bogje , beon-yeog , jeonsong doel su eobs-seubnida hyeongseong ttoneun poto bello dijiteol […]

Litsenzionnoye soglasheniye konechnogo pol’zovatelya dlya Tyrant Smash

Litsenzionnoye soglasheniye konechnogo pol’zovatelya dlya Tyrant Smash Tiran Smash Copyright 2014-2016 theDigital Limited . Vse prava zashchishcheny. Eto programmnoye obespecheniye ne mozhet, v tselom ili v kakoy-libo chasti , kopirovaniye, vosproizvedeniye , peredacha, perevod (na lyubom yazyke , prirodnogo ili komp’yutera) , khranyatsya v poiskovoy sisteme , snizheniye na lyuboy elektronnyy nositel’ ili mashinochitayemoy forme […]






Tyrant Smash End User License Agreement

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