Icon design, web and laptop icon

One of the hardest things for a design team, in any field, to get right is the icon design. It’s especially the case in app design where screen space is limited real estate and the icon must convey meaning and linger on the mind. Harder still is standing out among the million and more icons already in usage.

Icons have to serve the same function as logo would for a non-digital product. Unlike, say Coca-Cola, you have neither the space to create a long or large logo, nor the time
and budget to build meaning over time. Many apps have a short time in which to make their mark and then be forgotten. Successful apps rely no less on the importance of immediately grabbing attention through meaningful and attractive icon design.

Here is a masterclass in icon design from Eugeniu Clim of the ustwo agency, covering everything from brainstorming to testing.

CreativeBloq Masterclass in Icon Design


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