Tyrant Smash Copyright 2014-2106 theDigital Limited. All Rights Reserved.

This software may not, in whole or in any part, be copied, reproduced, transmitted, translated (into any language, natural or computer), stored in a retrieval system, reduced to any electronic medium or machine readable format, or by any other form or means without prior written consent from theDigital Limited.
You are granted a limited license to use this software. The software may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of that license, which is described in the following paragraphs.
Software logos, icons, characters and all graphical resources are wholly owned by theDigital Limited. All sound and music is licensed as credited on each app vendor site or store.
“THE SOFTWARE” shall be taken to mean the software contained in this app and any subsequent versions or upgrades received as a result of having downloaded this app. “USER” shall be taken as the original user who downloads the software.
User has the non-exclusive right to the use of software only on a single device. User may not electronically transfer the program from one device to another over any type of network. User may not distribute copies of the software or the accompanying documentation to others either for a fee or without charge; nor modify or translate the program or documentation; nor disassemble the program or allow it to be disassembled into its constituent source code. User’s use of the software indicates his/her acceptance of these terms and conditions. If user does not agree to these conditions, he/ she should not download the software, or he/ she should uninstall the software from the device, and erase the software from any and all storage devices upon which it may have been installed. Software shall remain the wholly owned property of theDigital Limited at all times.
This license agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom and shall inure to the benefit of Portobello Digital Limited or its assigns.
User acknowledges that the software may not be free from defects and may not satisfy all of user’s needs. Portobello Digital Limited warrants all media on which the software is distributed for 30 days to be free from defects in normal use. The software and any accompanying written materials are licensed “AS IS”. User’s exclusive remedy during the warranty period (if any) shall consist of replacement of distribution media if determined to be faulty, and a replacement is requested. In no event will theDigital Limited be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage or damages resulting from loss of use, even if it has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

Any sale or distribution of the software, not authorised or licensed by theDigital Limited, in writing, is strictly prohibited.

Tyrant Smash End User Licence Agreement

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