This made us inexplicably happy, here on the blog team. Google and Mattel are in talks to revive the classic View-Master. Some of you may remember this toy which was essentially a slide viewer.  The slides were often embedded in the View-Master, and not of one’s own photos, although that did later change.

No cool kid was without one in the 70s. This was a time when not many people travelled so you can imagine the thrill and wonder of a child looking at gorgeous foreign sights through a magical plastic toy that was shaped like the improbable love child of a camera and a pair of safety goggles.

Google’s plans include 3D/ virtual reality worlds.  When the View-Master came out, most people could not have imagined that they would ever see the sights flicking past their eyes in that little toy. Now that many of those kids have grown-up and benefited from the explosion in cheap travel, it makes sense that Google has to up their game and develop new worlds to inspire awe. We have also grown up with a phenomenal growth in the quality and visual richness of gaming worlds, so the bar is set much higher than when Mattel first marketed the View-Master. We cannot wait to see what Google deliver.

It will be interesting to see what other toys of yesterday can be revived or regenerated by combining modern technology with old. The self-drive kiddie car, anyone?

Read the original article at Techno Buffalo, here… Mattel and Google Might Bring Back Your Childhood on Feb. 13 | TechnoBuffalo.

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