Entrepreneur Magazine’s Catherine Clifford writes that by 2017 the app industry will be worth $77 Billion, far outstripping computer sales. The good news for developers, with or without investment, is that both the paid and unpaid app market is buoyant. 46% of app owners paid for apps, although the article does not state if the ‘free’ apps included in-app purchases. In-app purchases will account for 48% of app store purchases by 2017 . I would assume that more of that is accrued from the free-to-download apps, although there are paid apps which have a huge number of in-app purchases, such as casino apps. A clearer picture is necessary of this complex relationship between paid and free apps and, how they affect in-app purchase rates.

The article notes that the average user spending 30 hours a month focusing on a couple of dozen apps. Even without further information regarding app turnover rates amongst users, this is a huge opportunity for new apps and developers. The full article is here, By 2017, the App Market Will Be a $77 Billion Industry (Infographic),

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